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Pallet Loads Over Christmas!

Over the Christmas period there will be a lot of warehouses jammed pack full of Christmas gifts and products for people to order. Usually these are stacked onto pallets for ease and a forklift truck will move these pallets around according to when they are needed.

Pallets can be a general hazard within the workplace but they do not have to be! Damaged pallets which are not properly looked at and identified as damaged can result in fatalities.

As mentioned the Christmas period is extremely busy and with deadlines to meet sometimes safety is compromised – it shouldn’t be! When damaged pallets are being used with a forklift truck then they can fall, break and as a result disperse the load onto the ground below.

Not only will this dispersion cause possible damage to the products which are on the pallet but if there is anyone situated in the area they could be injured when heavy products fall from the pallet and strike them.

If you notice a damaged pallet in your warehouse then ensure there is care taken to remove it from service. You shouldn’t try and fix this yourself either you should have it repaired properly by the pallet manufacturer.

Do not let a pallet ruin your Christmas this year! Ensure that health and safety is adhered to at all times; we know Christmas is busy for some workers but ensure forklift truck safety is of high priority and do not cut any corners.

Have a Safe Christmas with lots of nice presents not a free ride in an ambulance!