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Platform Trucks

We have a full range of platform trucks to suit all applications, from commercial sites such as hotels and holidays complexes to industrial operations in factories and warehouses.

With models for both on or off road use, and a full range of accessories and modifications including full cab and van, cage or tipper bodies, our range of vehicles can be tailored for any application, whether that be towing, carrying or tipping loads.

Please click on a model below for detailed information.

Hauler 800 AC

Efficient and reliable - the “Go-To” vehicle from £6,901.00 + VAT

Hauler 800X AC

Make tough jobs a walk in the park from £7,207.00 + VAT

Hauler 800 ELiTE

Lithium-Ion batteries for consistent power and greater range from £8,564.00 + VAT

Hauler 800X ELiTE

Lithium-Ion power to finish job after job from £8,6835.00 + VAT

Hauler PRO

Bring a new level of productivity to each workday from £10,002.00 + VAT

Hauler PRO-X

Hauler PRO-X — Designed to get more out of every hour on the job from £10,512.00 + VAT

Garia Utility City

The utility vehicle of the future - fully road legal with a lithium-ion battery option from £14,995.00 + VAT

Garia Utility Park

The park utility vehicle with a touch of class from £12,995.00 + VAT

Shuttle 2

Delivers more than hard work from £9,796.00 + VAT

Titan XD

Built to shoulder the biggest loads.

Stock Chaser

With a vast cargo deck, retrieving and moving small loads is easier than ever.