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Re-Furbished Quality Used Forklift

Ability Handling was put to the test when we delivered a re-furbished used forklift truck to a company based in Swinton.

As well as supplying new engines and service parts, Diesel Plant Services Ltd, recondition and repair diesel engines for use in industrial applications and always dynamometer test the engines to ascertain their best optimal output and so we knew that the re-furbished diesel forklift truck would be getting more than just a quick once over.

A used Doosan forklift truck was supplied to them and they saw the forklift at our workshops before the re-furbishment took place. On delivering the refurbished Doosan Forklift to site the company actually thought that we were pulling their leg, they thought that the re-furbished job was that brilliant we had brought them a brand new model. Take a look at the pictures to the left to judge for yourself!

Doosan Forklifts are capable of handling the toughest of tasks. They are not limited by grades, ramps or rough underfoot conditions. Known for being highly efficient, reliable and powerful at what they do they are a popular choice.

Our range of Doosan forklift trucks can deal with anything from 1.5tonn right the way up to 18 ton with optimised designs for heavy duty operation Diesel Plant Ltd picked a cracking used forklift truck.

If you would like any information regarding used forklift re-furbishment then contact us 01706 821821 or email info@abilityhandlingltd.co.uk.