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At Ability Handling, the supply of quality materials handling vehicles is our speciality. It’s not just the vehicles that we supply though; we also provide invaluable advice on making the right choice, taking all of the variables into account in each unique circumstance. Matching the right vehicle to the right application is a matter of real skill and we pride ourselves on always coming up with the best solution.

Doosan G20

A leading manufacturer of prosthetic and orthotic products in Sheffield is one of our recent success stories. The logistics manager, Steve Jones, was tasked with sourcing a truck to work low hours in an outside area at the company HQ and headed straight to our website, where he had a good look at what was on offer before requesting a callback with further information.

Our team got right back to Steve to find out more details; we quickly ascertained that Steve wanted to purchase a quality used gas truck. Steve was invited to our office to meet with us in person and discuss the options; no matter how modern our service and vehicles get, we still prefer to do customer service the good old-fashioned way!

Steve decided to purchase a Doosan G20E gas truck which, bought outright from Ability Handling, was supplied at an extremely-competitive price that was more than covered by his budget. As well as being ‘highly delighted’ with the purchase itself, Steve also praised the impeccable conduct of all Ability Handling staff involved with fulfilling his request.

The G20E gas truck forms part of a comprehensive selection of materials handling vehicles from the globally-recognised Doosan brand. We offer cost-effective, quick and reliable access to these vehicles along with expert advice and sophisticated, connected customer service skills.

Find out more about Doosan vehicles in the dedicated section of our website and get in touch to find out all the important details.