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Solar powered Hauler is as green as green can be

This Cushman Hauler 800X with full ROPS cab was recently delivered to a solar farm in North Yorkshire and with genuine renewable electricity available for charging, the vehicle will be as green in operation as it is in colour!


The popular Hauler 800 model is available in both standard and X variants. The standard version is perfect for use on paved or hard gravel roadways while the 800X, with its raised suspension and off road tyre option, is ideal for forays onto the softer and uneven ground around the solar farm site. The proven chassis and running gear of the Hauler 800X means the machine will provide many years of reliable service with no further outlay other than minimal routine maintenance.

On taking delivery, Site Manager Adam Hardware took to the wheel and was amazed at the eager performance of the Hauler and how smooth the ride was in comparison to their old petrol machine. News soon spread around the organisation and it wasn't long before we received an order for an identical Hauler 800X for one of their other solar farms.

Check out the Hauler 800X on our website or contact us today for further information.