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Spot our Doosan Drifters

In appearance the snow filled streets of Sheffield seemed to be causing some problems however our staff at Ability Handling broke out the sleigh and huskies just to make it through to Ability HQ. Eventually after much effort and the heating on full power in our cars we arrived safely at Ability HQ.

First in the line of fire were our highly valued sales team – who we joked with and had a little bit of a laugh amongst ourselves! How dare they sell all of our snow plough stock! What on earth were we supposed to do now... We could have done with a snow plough to trawl through the snow and make our journey to work that little bit easier on this day.

I know the weatherman said that there was going to be snow but with the amount of times that they manage to not quite get it right I don’t think people could quite believe the actual amount of snow which blanketed our depot at Rotherham.

We were heavily inconvenienced with the heavy snowfall in which forced us to close our offices and force an interruption to our working pattern. We again would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Click on the pictures on the right to see larger images and a slideshow of just how much snow we were faced with!

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