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Stability Handling: 1000mph Super Sonic Car, is it tricky to handle?

This is the new World Land Speed Record attempt Car, codename Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car), which has been designed to accelerate faster than a speeding bullet and reach speeds of over 1000mph! However for the organiser's behind a recent exhibit at Doncaster College it was another of the cars equally impressive statistics which had them in a spin; the model measures an eye watering total length of 12.8 m (42 ft) which makes ‘three point turns’ tricky in anybody’s book. So how do you safely deliver a unique 42 foot long super model car into position without worrying about your no claims bonus?.... 

What was the scale of the problem?

1:1 was the scale, this is the first full size scale model of the Super Sonic Car which at 12.8m long, 2.4m at its widest point and over 1000kg in weight is no mere airfix! The car was being delivered 7am Monday morning on a dedicated transport for exhibit at Doncaster and then was to be taken away by the same transport after 5pm. The problem was the college had nothing with which to handle a load of this size which would be capable of lifting the car off and onto the transport or able to safely manoeuvre it position.  

The Ability Handling Solution - Model Service

Our friendly team of handling experts were soon able to devise a strategy to move the massive model car. We arranged for our transporter to deliver a multi-directional Combilift C4000 machine equipped with a 4000mm wide spreader bar attachment (designed for long load handling) along with four off 2000mm long forks to support the load to prevent the car from flexing too badly. Take a look at the picture sequence you will see how the impressive zero turning radius of the Combi machine and its four-way driving mode enabled the safe and precise unloading of the massive car on the quay side in front of the College.

Why Exhibit at Doncaster College?

The Bloodhound project is an inspiring British engineering exercise, which the founders are utilising to sign up school pupils to spark interest in maths and science. So far over 1.5 million students of all ages are now onboard, spread across 3471 primary and secondary schools, 229 further education colleges and 40 universities.

Amazing Fast Facts on the Bloodhound SSC

The actual car is no featherweight and weighs over 6000kg and will be powered using a combination three separate jet and rocket engines, producing a titanic 133,000bhp combined. The car is using an Eurofighter Typhoon Jet engine loaned by the RAF which by itself produces a mighty 20,000lb ft of thrust – adding Europe's biggest rocket engine will create an extra 47,500lb ft, the equivalent of 180 F1 cars! All this power and the cars superb aerodynamic design will produce acceleration of 0-1000mph in 42 seconds. In terms of distance covered that's an amazing 10 miles in 100 seconds. If all goes according to plan, the SSC will hit its top speed after just four and a half miles. Wiping off that speed is a combination of air brake, parachute and wheel brakes.

We at Ability handling would like to salute Richard Noble and all his Bloodhound SSC team and wish them every success in their amazing and inspiring British engineering project.