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Stop! Speeding in Forklift Trucks is Dangerous!

Looking at a forklift truck it is hard to imagine that you could ever speed in one! However many operators are racing around at excessive speeds and it is these excessive speeds which are contributing to a significant number of accidents some proving to be fatal.

Whether it is a Doosan Forklift truck or an Aisle Master Forklift truck they are not designed to be travelling at rapid speeds. It is the excessive speed which could cause a forklift truck to become unstable and shed its load; this unfortunately could result in a forklift truck actually turning over.

Ability Handling is often faced with the question of what is the maximum speed of a forklift truck and unfortunately this is something which varies according to the different operations which need to be carried out. For example the following speeds should be adhered to:

  • 3mph in racking
  • 5mph in transit aisles
  • 10mph in the yard

Although this will vary according to the various businesses as well as the various locations all businesses who wish to operate a forklift truck should carry out an appropriate risk assessment in order to ensure forklift safety is maintained.

You should ideally place signs where appropriate stating the speed limit so that operators clearly know the rules. Ensure that managers and supervisors enforce the limits and have a consequence for those who do not abide as it is extremely important.

There is equipment available which can limit and control the speed of a forklift truck. Ability Handling can advise you on this, everyone needs to feel comfortable within a workplace but most important they need to feel safe!