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Tablets cure paperwork headache

To cure the headache of ever-increasing levels of engineers paperwork, Ability Handling has invested in a tablet based replacement that is fully integrated into our existing service management system.

The bespoke tablet App has been developed to simplify engineer input whilst collecting all the necessary information for pro-active service management. As part of the development process, all our service paperwork has been redesigned to provide comprehensive data collection across a wide range of equipment types. Documents are generated as PDF files that are automatically emailed to customers on completion of the job by an engineer.

In addition to planned maintenance and repairs, we have also incorporated the CFTS accredited Thorough Inspection system into the App. This creates a PDF of the CFTS inspection sheet to accompany the job sheet emailed to the customer. For trucks that pass the Thorough Inspection, a genuine CFTS certificate is printed in our office for posting to customers.

In addition to the considerable amount of time saved through the elimination of re-keying worksheets, the new system also solves the growing problem of document storage. With all service documentation available at the press of a button, there will be no further growth in our extensive array of filing cabinets.

Our workshop engineers are already using the tablets and the roll-out to our mobile engineers will be completed over the next few weeks.