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The Future of Material Handling

The new Doosan Forklifts will be energy Efficient, environmentally friendly and equipped with the highest level of safety, the New Doosan futuristic model of Forklift Trucks aim to propel Doosan forward as Market leaders and innovators in the forklift industry.

A futuristic and genius designed Forklift product with a host of radical design technology, the new Forklift line aims to push the limits of materials handling, whilst Keeping to the successful Doosan belief of a simple, powerful product that exceeds expectations with its great performance.

Forklift Innovations

Like its predecessor, the concept Construction Equipment models the CX and CL, the models are intended to provide a dynamic solution of maximum usability and operation providing new line features that are extremely efficient, environmentally friendly and the safest in the market.

Along with the newest innovations are some changes to the operator’s sitting position, the mast properties and even a drive train. Doosan is already known as a world leader in OLED technology, and the ICF shows how Doosan may eventually incorporate augmented reality systems into a heads up display.


Work Guide System

An interesting new feature known as the  ‘work guide system’ enables operators to view critical information about their cargo and interpret the best optimised work process they should apply to it, helping to maximise productivity and targets. A new extendable counterweight improves stability and significantly increases loading capacity, but maintaining the minimum turning radius.

Electric Powered

Being electrically powered, the new forklift will be able to reduce emissions, excess noise and fuel costs, meeting all future international environmental standards and guidelines. The new highly efficient rechargeable battery come equipped with the ability for a faster charge which will lead to increased work time and more productivity.

“With technology constantly moving forward, it is important to look to the future and develop new products, and concepts while still incorporating Doosan’s core values,” says Young Lee, team leader of Doosan's Overseas Marketing Team.

Doosan is Keeping their Cool

Unlike other forklift manufacturers, who are keen to flaunt their innovation credentials, Doosan has played down the ICF’s radical departure in design by stressing the design team’s efforts to add practical, pragmatic enhancements that not only add value to your company but make getting jobs done more smoothly.

Doosan’s United Kingdom’s sales manager, Paul Watson, remarked on how building-in new technology with proven components now will shape and secure Doosan’s future in the material handling industry: "I think that the company that is the most successful is the one that is prepared to use durable technology when needed and innovate whenever possible. And this is really where Doosan construction benefited massively from the design of the CX concept excavator, where it won the Reddot design award 2009. The same theme went into the design of the CF, and Doosan is positive it will see the same rewards.

New Forklift Features

The Future Line comes equipped with comfortable tilting seats, hub drive motors and solar reacting glass; will the technology really find its way into the forklifts of the future? If the market dictates it, Paul Watson believes that such innovations will make it onto future models. “Take foldable forks. The technology and engineering capability are already upon us now, as are installed quality cameras and sensors mounted on forks and masts. Like all the new features, we need to be sure that we demonstrate the need and the benefits to prove the changes are worthwhile.”

Rapid prototyping, or 3D printing, may also come into play and prove to be an important element to the forklift truck supplier of the future. With the new innovative technology already available to reproduce a model of the human heart by effectively ‘printing it’, the need to carry expensive parts holdings or even rarely used parts, may become significantly less important.

“New technologies can free up the design process,” said Paul, “as well as offer exciting new avenues that can be applied to existing products. The true arbiter will be the end user. If they want the technology, it will no doubt come to pass.”

As an exciting glimpse of what the future of the industry holds for forklifts, and to see how Doosan are working towards opening up a multitude of new technologies for its customers, the ICF will undoubtedly make other manufacturers take note.

Concludes Paul: “Even though we won’t be seeing the ICF in warehouses for some time yet, there may be some elements that we will hopefully be able to incorporate into our next series of products. We certainly do not rule out providing new and more efficient ways of providing value for money products that make the operator and the owner’s life less complicated through technology.”

There are Over 90 Doosan models are available in the United Kingdom from 1.5 to 16.0 tons (IC models) and 1.3 to 5.0 tons for electric models plus the new range in the warehouse of pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers and reach trucks

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