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The most precious cargo...

Electric vehicles have to be tough, responsive and 100% safe in order to protect the operator and allow them to carry out vital work without any risk of damaging the precious cargo. When that cargo is human beings, the importance of safety and comfort become even greater!

Hospitals are generally big buildings; often as patients we don't realise exactly how big as we only see one or two specific areas. The Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust are responsible for Musgrove Park Hospital which definitely fits into the ‘large’ category, prompting managers to purchase a brand-new Cushman Shuttle 6 Personnel Carrier from Ability Handling.

If you've ever been ill enough to warrant a stay in or a visit to hospital, then you’ll know how even walking a short distance can tire you out. The new Cushman Shuttle will immediately ease the strain for these patients, transporting them effortlessly from one specialised medical department to another. This will also assist the staff at the hospital, who will be able to see more patients in the time saved between transfers.

After a thorough weighing-up of their options and plenty of advice from our expert team, the trust decided that the Cushman Shuttle 6 was their preferred choice, combining outstanding quality with durable reliability and, above all maximum comfort and safety for their patients.

The vehicle is packed with safety features all included in the specification, including ‘inertia reel’ seatbelts to each seat and a front screen, canopy and pvc side enclosure to provide privacy and weather protection.

Phil Shelly is the Hotel Service Manager for the trust, who is extremely pleased with the new acquisition and said that it will “make a huge difference to the efficiency of the hospital and speed up the transfer process of patients between departments whilst under the hospital’s care.”

Supplied on a contract hire agreement, with a fixed payment plan fully inclusive of any required service or maintenance during the contract period, the new Cushman will provide excellent value for money. The saved capital can then be used on important patient care projects, further enhancing the ability and reputation of the modern medical facility.

For more information on the Cushman Shuttle range or any of the Cushman electric vehicles you can get in touch with our expert team directly.