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The Smith's Electric Vehicles legacy lives on!

Let’s face it; not all of us are cut out for hospital work. All of the jobs in a hospital, from the surgeons to the cleaners, take on an extra urgency when everyone recognises that they are an element, no matter how slight, in the recovery of sick and injured people. And, of course, we never know when it might be our turn to need a little looking-after. Like everyone else then, we here at Ability Handling have the very greatest respect for hospital staff and consequently, delight on being able to make their lives that little bit easier.

In 2015, Ability Handling acquired a division of SEV (formerly Smith’s Electric Vehicles) of Gateshead, taking on a number of that company’s loyal customers as we did so. One of those longstanding customers was a hospital in the north-east and we recently had the opportunity to show that we continue the Smith’s legacy of quality products, competitive prices and impeccable customer service throughout.

The hospital, in what represented its first new order since our acquisition, decided to add two new Cushman 5k Tugs to its fleet. Our skilled staff modified the tugs to meet hospital specifications, including various safety features such as a pole mounted beacon, non-marking tyres for corridor use, speed limiter, non-spill / maintenance free batteries, rubber buffers all around and a combined pin and ball tow hitch.

When our Business Development Manager, Jim Quinn, returned from delivering the tugs, we asked him to describe the reception he was given. He said: “The driving staff love the comfort and manoeuvrability whilst the hospital management team like the low-cost maintenance and reliability of the Cushman tugs. They have had Cushman 340 tugs on site for nearly thirty years but are now replacing with the new updated 5K version that gives better performance with the latest electronic drive motors and controllers.”

We look forward to hearing how the new vehicles are settling in when we contact them for a follow-up chat as part of our aftercare service. Find out more about Cushman Electric Vehicles.