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Thorough Examinations on Forklift Truck

Concerns have been raised after a supposed expert carried out a Thorough Examination of a forklift truck, passed it only to find that serious structural damage was present and a routine service by an experienced forklift truck engineer unveiled the problem.

Weeks after the forklift truck was given its clean bill of health the engineer who was qualified as a “competent person” capable of carrying out Thorough Examinations of forklifts identified visible damage to the forklift’s overhead guard which had falling objects had fallen onto the truck when in use the driver would not have been protected and a serious accident could of occurred.

However, more shockingly further cracks to the chassis and carriage were found, the Thorough Examination expert had missed this, the cause of the damage to the overhead guard, chassis and carriage was actually because the forklift truck had been used as an anchor point for towing a 7.5 T lorry.

This had meant that overall excess stress had been placed on the guard; this type of stress caused the damage to the forklift which could have placed any drive of this forklift at serious risk.

Although this is unacceptable that it went unnoticed, only some items covered under LOLER 98 legislation such as masts, chains and forks are checked and this is just not acceptable when only half the job is completed.

Ability Handling encourage owners of forklift trucks to ensure that they fully comply with the law, ensure that all checks are carried out by a professional rather than someone general and that you ask for proof about their claimed qualifications.

Too many times are we seeing what is known in the industry as “cowboys” put lives at risk and for what price?