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Three New Products for Access Ability!

Our purchased items finally arrived at Ability Handling’s depot this Monday and they couldn’t be more anticipated! Excited about this new venture into a new and exciting market we couldn’t wait to get a sneaky peek at them!

However, their arrival was not without subsequent problems. With the snow falling in and around the area which surrounds Ability Handling there was only one solution to the problem – clear the snow with one of our snow ploughs which had brilliant results and the desired effect.

The snow plough cleared the way for our breakfast meeting. The entire Ability team gathered round the hot breakfast consisting of popular butties mine being egg and mushroom, although most popular choice was bacon and egg closely followed by sausage and egg! But we hoped that with the digestion of these scrumptious butties came the digestion of this exciting new venture! Both the products and the butties were well received by all at Ability or rather in this case Access Ability.

Our first product; a mast boom vertical lift with a difference! The JLG Toucan 10e has the normal raise and lowering lift vertically however it has an added advantage of being able to rotate over 340 degrees at the base of its mast for precision positioning so now you will never want to be just that little bit closer! At the top of its mast there is a jib boom which provides again added access, an up and over outreach of 3 metres is provided to the platform. It can clearly be stated that it is one of the most versatile lifts, its very compact body and 3 meter outreach means it can be operated in the tight spaces that used to cause problem to us! Steel which is incredibly strong is the material chosen for the mast, ultimately providing rigid support to the platform. It has many retail and industrial applications and now you can have access to this at Access Ability.

The second product we were lucky enough to be let loose with is the JLG 1930ES Electric Scissor Lift. These are used where greater lifting capacity is required, providing larger platform work areas to walk on and offer the ability to be able to handle heavier loads when compared to the boom lifts. The platform, which can only be raised vertically with the exception of the deck extension area which provides some stretch to outreaching areas however, it can be manoeuvred as similar to the boom lifts. Power is no problem as this particular model scores full marks! The super efficient direct electric drive system featured typically on all JLG ES series electric scissor lift models has both indoor and outdoor applications making it very versatile indeed. Furthermore there have been improvements to the control station which now can be operated at ease with one hand. The improvements implement a careful design philosophy which has condensed major components into single assemblies ultimately reducing the servicing needs and the cost to your bank balance!

Our final product arrival is the JLG 10MSP which is a vertical stock picker allowing you to reach that little bit higher whilst ensuring that you follow health and safety. They work efficiently to be able to carry more weight and pick stock with less manual handling when compared to other stock picking methods. Once again they are compact and offer an ideal replacement for dangerous ladders and unsightly cages. With a turning radius of zero and a joystick for control once again those confined spaces prove no problem with the ability to manoeuvre and position precisely where you want it to be! The low maintenance components used and the automatic 'power off' feature of the battery implemented within its design not to mention the heavy duty aluminium mast sections this machine provides long lasting, high quality performance that we strongly believe in at Access Ability.