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Top Ten Forklift Truck Attachments!

Not only do we offer a fantastic service to our customer for Forklift hire, Forklifts for sale and used Forklifts for sale but we also offer a great range of attachments which can be used to adapt a forklift truck enabling it to carry out a whole range of tasks. It is a little bit like Transformers – transforming your forklift in minutes!

Forklift Truck attachments are a cost effective method of increasing the productivity and versatility of your investment, your forklift truck. With our range of products from Ability Handling you can easily adapt your forklift so that it can incorporate the following impressive features suitable for every need.

  1. Our skip and waste carriers are fork mounted and can be used for handling various dry waste products. You can load these up and use them for tipping or bottom emptying with either manual or automatic mechanism activation. Although this is usually supplied powder coated as standard in a high-visibility orange colour there is an option of other colours available.
  2. Our lifting hooks and jibs make all those lifting tasks that little bit easier for you. The forklift hooks are adjustable and provide an economic and safe method of converting your forklift into a mini mobile crane without the need to purchase any other piece of expensive lifting equipment. The fork mounted, extending and fully adjustable Jibs are designed specifically to convert your forklift into a long reach crane. This means you can reach and transport long and awkward goods at ease.
  3. We have a wider range and variety of replacement and extendable forks for your forklift truck, they will fit your forklift truck make, size and model easily. Our fork extension sleeves once fitted to your forklift can offer effective handling and stabilisation of long and awkward goods without the worry of causing any damage to them. Other extensions which are hydraulically operated Telescopic Fork Extensions are a fast, economic method of loading and unloading wagons from one side. They are cost effective at saving you money on double pallet racking.
  4. Do you work with drums? Now we are not suggesting the ones that you hit hard and they make a loud noise! We mean oil drums, steel drums and plastic drums. With our drum handling attachments we can make it easy for you to convert your forklift into an effective drum handling machine.
  5. If you work with carpets and fabrics which are on rolls then not to worry because we have an attachment which is simply perfect for you. Our carpet pole and coil boom attachments offer you safe handling of large coiled or round loads of fabric, carpet or other types of coverings. The fork mounted carpet poles provide an ideal solution for a quick changeover when handling palletised loads, saving you time and money.
  6. Has it got to the end of the day, the workplace has gone home and left behind is dirt and mess from the day’s events? Well that is no problem either because Ability Handling has a fork mounted sweeping attachment which offers a quick and easy solution for tidying up the warehouse or your work yard. So now there is no excuse for an untidy workplace!
  7. Long load handler attachments can be fitted to handle long loads, items like pipes and long pieces of sheet metal can now be handled safely thanks to our long load handler attachment.
  8. If you have a wide load which is un-palletised then look no further than our wide load handler attachments, they can be used for handling items like wide pieces of sheet metal and reduce the possibility of damage being caused to the products.
  9. Our fork mounted Access Platform attachments can be used when non-routine or emergency maintenance and inspections are required. They provide a working area which offers safety to the user. Our Access Platforms are fully compliant to PM28/second edition. NB: It is important to note that your forklift trucks tilt and sideshift functions must be isolated when using any type of fork mounted access platform. For planned maintenance or stock taking we would recommend using our economical range of JLG powered access platforms.
  10. Finally our number ten of our top ten forklift truck attachments but by no means the least important our the snow plough and mini gritter attachments. For use in wintery conditions, whether you need to clear snow, spread grit or help your forklift truck gain better grip in these conditions. Our range of snow plough and mini gritter products are a truly fantastic attachment to have and helped out businesses last winter such as Virgin Atlantic and the Post Office.