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Top Ten Tips for Purchasing a Used Forklift Truck

It is a well known fact that companies are constantly trying to look for ways to try and keep their costs down and make their money stretch further. It may not always be practical for a company to purchase a brand new forklift truck.

Ability Handling actually has a full range of used forklift trucks available and for some companies this may be a sensible way to economise. With a number of different types of used forklifts for sale we can advise you specifically on what type would be best suited for your requirements.

However, you should take a look at our top ten tips when looking for a used forklift truck.

  1. Maintenance – check how well the used forklift has been maintained, ask for the maintenance and repair logs which are relevant to the specific used forklift. A used forklift that has been regularly maintained like ours at Ability Handling are generally a lot better than used forklifts that have not been maintained and only been looked at when something has gone wrong.
  2. Operation – check that the used forklift works both with no weight on it at all and with its full rated load, ensure that the movements are smooth and there is no “binding” concerned with it. Obviously check that the forklift can handle its full specified load, if not then stay clear.
  3. Attachments – if the specific forklift truck that you are looking has an attachment then make sure that this is checked too and is in full working order simply looking at it detached from the used forklift is not good enough.
  4. Leaks? – leave the used forklift truck running for a few minutes and after this time has passed check for any leaks in the transmission, engine, radiator and cylinders. If you find any tell tale signs then stay well clear.
  5. Forks – check the forks to ensure that there is no excessive wear. This will result in a decrease in the used forklift truck’s performance levels and may result in the forks needing to be replaced.
  6. Tyres – take a look at the tyres of the used forklift and keep a look out for any uneven wear and tear. If there is uneven wear and tear to the tyres then this could be because of a misalignment in the axles or a twisted chassis, another reason to stay clear.
  7. Safety equipment – ensuring that all the safety equipment included with the forklift are in their correct places and that generally it is in good condition and appropriate for use. Alawys insist the truck has a current Certificate of Thorough Examination (similiar to a MOT and a statutory HSE requirement). After all if it isn’t then this could result in someone getting hurt or worse still a fatality!
  8. Condition – often more important than age, an older forklift that may have only been used once a week to shift a couple of pallets accross the factory floor may have years of use left whereas a forklift which is a lot newer but has been used every 24/7 for long shifts and heavy loads may be in a bad condition. Check the aesthetic appearance of the used forklift.
  9. Test drive – never be afraid to ask for a test drive of the used forklift truck, when test driving it make sure that everything is as you would expect. Companies who are reluctant are ones to stay clear of. You can test drive a potential used forklift truck at Ability Handling with pleasure, we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the used forklift before purchase.
  10. Price – never buy a used forklift based on a low price, obviously there are some great forklifts out there for bargain prices but a bargain that is too good to be true usually is and if you fail to take a look at our top tips above then you could end up with a used forklift costing loads in repairs and time taken from your business.

For more information see our used truck information page. If you cannot find what you are looking for within our online range of used forklift trucks then contact us as we have many more trucks in our stock list that are available for sale, to suit most company budget requirements, short and Long term hire, lease purchase and outright purchase options are available.

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