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Two Wheeled Doosan about to be put to Test

The Doosan Honda 1000cc Fireblade (as seen at this year's golf day) had a good start to the event and achieved a “mid pack” lap time of 2:37.492 during the first morning’s opening Free Practice session around the 6.12km Circuito Da Guia.

Stuart then rode consistently well throughout the session and posted a best lap of 2:30.570. By the end of Qualifying 1, the team had picked up a few places to achieve a very respectable 5th place.

The Chinese city of Macau has thriving industries such as textiles, electronics and toys, and a notable tourist industry that boasts a wide range of hotels, resorts, stadiums, restaurants and casinos. This makes it one of the richest cities in the world.

The famous Macau street race has become increasingly popular with 100 million TV viewers expected to tune in over the weekend.
At the track too there has been unprecedented demand from overseas and local spectators, resulting in the seating capacity at the Lisboa Bend grandstand being increased from two thousand to five thousand.