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Warehouse Layout Design

Seeing is Believing – Free Warehouse Layout Design

Customised Warehouse Design

Combilift have a team of specialised engineers tasked with working with our in-house Combi Specialists and you their customers to produce warehouse designs that provide a unique view of the benefits that will be realised through utilising combilift products.

Our Combi trained specialists can work from existing plans of your warehouse or storage area, or carry out a detailed site survey to produce drawings of the existing scenario and of what is possible to achieve with various combilift products.

Benefits to Warehouse Design

Benefits to Warehouse Design
There are a number of benefits to having a warehouse layout produced by our combilift engineers:
  • More Product Storage – Up to 60% increase.
  • More efficient use of available space.
  • Reduced handling costs.
  • Its FREE.

Before Combilift

Before Combilift

With Combilift (100% More Product)

With Combilift