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We're updating the fleet!

Ability Handling are enhancing our short term hire fleet again with the addition of these two brand new Doosan trucks, a versatile D33S-7 diesel and an ever popular G25P-7 gas truck. These latest additions to the fleet are the culmination of a program to improve the age profile of our hire fleet which has seen the average truck age reduced significantly in recent years.

New short term hire trucks for Ability Handling.

The Doosan D33S-7 is great machine to place on the short term hire fleet because it has the same size chassis as a 2.5t machine but has the same lifting capacity as many other manufacturers' 3.5t machines. This means it can be used in a wide range of applications to maximise utilisation. The Doosan G25P-7 is a workhorse machine ideal for short term hire applications where combined inside and outside operation is required, such as building works or installing machinery.

Emulating best practice from other hire industries, reducing the average age of the fleet has been a key component of our business strategy over the last few years. In an age of ultra low interest rates, capital costs are minimised while operating newer equipment means reduced maintenance and breakdowns. This means that while overall costs remain relatively stable, truck downtime reduces and utilisation improves.

For customers who prefer to buy their trucks rather than hire, the new Super Deduction capital allowances announced in the budget last week means there has never been a better time for you to update your fleet too!

Whether you are looking to hire or buy, contact Ability Handling today for a great deal on the latest kit.