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Who's for sunny Salisbury?

As our product range expands it will come as no surprise that we now support a varied mix of customers too and we are just as likely to supply a hospital as a warehouse. We deliver products all over the country and our staff definitely have their favourite places to go so there was no shortage of volunteers for a recent delivery to the heart of historic Wiltshire on a bright sunny day.

Safety and efficiency are two of the key factors that form the essential logistics of managing a large, busy and complex organisation such as a District Hospital. All hospital staff have got a million pressing issues and worries on their mind when at work and we are delighted to be able to help reduce the burden with our Cushman range of electric vehicles. We were able to provide the solution they required, for the right price and with a swift completion date.

The hospital management team chose the Cushman 5K electric tugs for their reliability and value; very important considerations when you’re managing a severely stretched budget. The tugs were supplied with cabs that were designed and manufactured here at Ability Handling to protect operators from the elements whilst also providing good all-round visibility to ensure safety.

The tugs will take on a number of supporting roles, including transporting goods, tow cages and bins around the hospital complex. This will enhance operational processes at the hospital, particularly with regard to maximising the time available to stretched facilities teams.

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