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Why choose Doosan lift trucks

Doosan Lift TrucksPro 5. Strong, Safe, Stable, Smart, Stylish. The trucks offer outstanding performance levels including durability and reliability.

The sturdy and robust build has been retained, and operator comfort levels have maintained their high design priorities. What's more, the truck has been designed to enable easy access to the serviceable parts of the machine. Last but not least, the range comprises a large selection of trucks (some 94 different models), each of which can be specified to meet the needs of your particular environment..

1. Operator comfort for Productivity

Hydraulic Control Levers:

Ergonomically designed angled hydraulic control valve levers position combined with the new LTZ valve makes operations easy and reduce the operator's fatigue.

High Visibility Overhead Guard:

Provides optimum upward visibility during high lift loading and unloading.

Integral Side Shifter:

For improved product placement.

Wide Open Foot Steps and Grab Bar:

Wide open foot steps and a conveniently positioned overhead guard pillar grab bar make entry and exit easy.

Operator Pedals:

The pivot points of the pedal is designed for effortless use and the hydraulically boosted power brake pedal with its curved pedal keeps braking force to a minimum.

Air Cleaner:

The large capacity, dual element air cleaner is designed to extend service intervals.

A Breath of Fresh Air:

The cushion and the pneumatic LPG models are equipped with low emission LPG engines certified by CARB (California Air Resource Board) with remarkable margin.

2. High durability and easy maintenance for efficiency.

Tough, proven and reliable components for powerful, efficient operation:

  • Power-reversal Transmission.
  • Design with easy Maintenance in Mind.
  •  Oil - Cooled Disc Brakes.

3. High powered diesel, LP gas and gasoline engine for high performance levels.

  • The reliable Doosan diesel engine is designed exclusively for industrial vehicle applications. Its power and proven components assure high productivity and low maintenance cost.
  • The hi-power LP gas engine is fitted to the new range of lift trucks as premium engine. It boasts not only high power, but also durable components such as nodular iron crankshaft forincreased strength?
  • Low fuel consumption and highly efficient LPG gas engines equip Doosan new lifttrucksand guarantee their durability. The engine includes automatic valve lash adjusters that help to reduce the engine maintenance significantly. Five main bearings provide a solid and stable support base to the crankshaft for additional durability and a longer life.