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Working at height made safer

Ability Handling Ltd are approved agents for the provision and support of a full range of JLG industrial access platforms, these range from 3m stock picking units to 18 m electric boom lifts. JLG are the world’s leading producer of aerial work platforms, their wide range of over 60 industrial models are reliable, easy to use and in many cases maintenance free.

Is so then you should be using an access platform, Aerial Work Platforms (AWP’s) are purpose built to put people at work at height in a controlled environment, selection of the correct machine and proper use can ensure a safer and more efficient working practice is adhered to.

Whether you are Stock-checking and picking, cleaning, or carrying out routine maintenance and repairs – Ability Handling Ltd will be able to recommend a suitable JLG product for your application – so give us a call and ask for a free site survey!

Recent changes in Health and Safety Regulations and an increasing emphasis on the need for employers to provide safe systems of work for their employees, means that many traditional methods of working at height will no longer be tolerated by the HSE, Insurance Companies and In-house H&S advisors.

What do the current health and safety rulings say?

  • All tasks required to be carried out at height must be risk assessed (Management of Health and Safety at Work Act)
  • Employers are responsible and will be held accountable for their employees welfare whilst at work (Health and Safety at Work Act)
  • Non-integrated platforms (Man up cages) on forklift trucks are not permitted for anything other than emergency use. They should not be used for any routine or planned work. (The PM28 Guidance Note)

Although you may think that guidelines about working at height have many ‘grey areas’, consider the consequences you will face if an accident occurs and you have not been following guidelines and meeting with your obligations as an employer.

  • Operators of access platforms must be provided with adequate training, delivered by a competent person (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations)
  • Access platforms must be serviced and thoroughly examined twice annually (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations).

  • A range of Industrials platforms, that are: clean; efficient; easy to operate and with low maintenance requirements.
  • Stock Picking & Mobile Vertical Personnel Lifts – the ideal replacement for ladders and man up cages!
  • Ideal for the picking of low level stock items and general cleaning and maintenance
  • Working heights up to 7.8
  • Compact bases, starting at just 0.75m wide
  • Stock-tray capacities up to 115 kgs
  • Sealed, maintenance free batteries available
  • Compact dimensions and tight turning circles allow for use in narrow aisles and congested areas
  • Driveable at full height for increased efficiency and convenience!
  • Range includes JLG’s top selling 10MSP stock picking unit (internal note: would show pic of 10MSP here)
  • Pictures to accompany the above points would be the 10MSP, Duo & 20MVL

  • Provide outreach over obstacles but with much more compact bases than traditional booms
  • Working heights up to 13 m
  • Outreach capabilities up to 5.5 m
  • Direct Electric Drive – delivers better duty cycles and smoother drive than hydraulic equivalents
  • Steel Roller Masts provide strength and durability
  • Compact dimensions – several models are under 1m wide
  • All models have vertical jibs and turntable rotation for ease of positioning e.g. Toucan 10e / 8e

  • Ideal for applications that may require additional work space or capacity such as electrical and mechanical installations or heavier duty maintenance
  • Direct electric drive delivers longer run times and less ‘down-time’ than standard hydraulic drive
  • Working heights up to 14m
  • Fold down hand rails for ease of movement through low doorways
  • 3 compact width (0.76m) models available
  • All models feature roll-out-decks for additional reach and increased working area
  • Multi-power models are available

Details on larger boom and scissor lift options are available just contact us, Ability Handling