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HELI FD30H3 Diesel 4.7m NEW

New £21,995.00 + VAT

HELI FD30H3 Diesel 4.7m NEW


Part number: 4853

HELI Stage V Diesel Forklifts


​”Euro Stage V’ diesel legislation is aimed at reducing harmful emissions from the engines of non-road mobile machinery, which includes almost all material handling equipment.”

HELI’s new smart generation Stage V diesel forklifts range from 1.0 to 3.5 ton capacity and combines a robust and slick exterior design together with performance enhancing features – yet keeping it easy and cost effective to run.

The H3 Series Stage V Diesel Forklifts will provide you with the following benefits:

Great Value for Money

Using the latest technology, Heli have extensively modified and improved the new H3 series to keep running costs low.

Easy Maintenance

Improved accessibility to the engine and service areas, for example the hood opens to an angle of 80′ – making it easier and safer to maintain.

Excellent Working & Fuel Efficiency

A small turning radius, easy steering and fast lifting speeds makes this truck ideal for various applications. The truck is also more energy-efficient with a reduction in fuel consumption.

Safety & Reliability

Key parts such as the frame, overhead guard and mast has been optimally designed to improve safety and reliability. In addition, further safety features include:

  • Electronic parking brake – when the operator stops and gets off the truck, the parking brake is automatically activated,
  • Operator sensing system – when the operator leaves the seat, the truck will stop,
  • Driver restraint warning system – the seat belt needs to be fastened in order to operate the truck

Outstanding Comfort

An ergonomically designed operating structure and layout improves the driving experience ensuring long hours of efficient operation.

  • Enlarged operator space – It has a 45% larger foot space, higher overhead guard and widened, low anti-skid step for driver comfort.
  • Outstanding visibility – The front view has been increased by 30mm and the instrument panel lowered to improve visibility. The counterweight has also been optimised for rear visibility.
  • LED combined instruments and lights – Giving easy access to truck information and brighter, longer lasting lights.

Environmentally Friendly

The new H3 series has been designed to reduce harmful emissions and reduce truck vibration and noise.