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Legal Requirements for Forklift Truck Operator Refresher Training

There is no legal requirement for fork lift truck operators to receive routine refresher training. Such training may be needed in certain circumstances. The HSC Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (L117) states the following:

"There is no specific requirement to provide refresher training after set intervals, but even trained and experienced lift-truck operators need to be re-assessed from time to time to ensure that they continue to operate lift trucks safely. This assessment, which should form part of a firm’s normal monitoring procedures and be formally time-tabled to ensure that it is done at reasonable intervals, will indicate whether any further training is needed."

In addition to routine monitoring formal re-assessment is likely to be needed where operators:

  • have not used trucks for some time.
  • are occasional users.
  • appear to have developed unsafe working practices.
  • have had an accident, or a near miss.
  • have a change to their working practices or environment.

The FLTA advises that refresher training, if required, should not follow a set programme. It should be designed to overcome the weaknesses highlighted by the monitoring/­assessment process.