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HELI G2 Li-ion Electric 1.5 - 3.8 ton

At last, a battery electric truck built to replace your diesel and LPG yard trucks. The new G2 series Lithium-ion trucks from HELI are built using an engine style chassis - with big wheels - coupled with a battery pack designed in partnership with world leading manufacturer CATL and a state of the art control system from ZAPI. During development, these machines have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are ready to tackle the most demanding of applications.HELI-G2-Lithium-driving-through-water-banner

HELI G2 Li-ion Electric 1.5 - 3.8 ton


  • HELI-G2-Lithium-Left
  • HELI-G2-Lithium-From-Above
  • HELI-G2-Lithium-Battery
  • HELI-G2-Lithium-Wheels

The new Heli G2 Series Lithium-ion Battery forklift range is capable of handling any rough application.




Multiple Configurations, Powerful Performance
HELI’s new series lithium-ion forklift has three configurations for customer choice: S/M/H. The last two types are comparable with internal combustion trucks in terms of comprehensive performance.


Smart & Safe, Ease In All Aspects
Steering deceleration; Bilingual color screen instrument; PES Three-speed mode; Low temperature auto-heating lithium battery… Ease your operation in all aspects.


High Quality & High Reliability
The truck passed various rough operating environment tests:




Centralized Checkpoints, Easy Maintenance
The electrical elements are gathered on the battery top and the maintenance points are centralized which makes maintenance very convenient.


Optimized Ergonomic Design, Extreme Driving Comfort

  • IC truck type control valve stem, better fit to user’s habits.

  • New Type ratchet hand brake reduces operating force by 17%.

  • Brake fluid within reach, easy to check and refill.

  • Optimized mast and pressed overhead guard improves the visibility and safety.