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The future is electric for Electrosteel

Chesterfield based Electrosteel have just replaced their diesel trucks with a fleet of new HELI FB30-Li-G2 lithium-ion battery trucks from Ability Handling. More and more of our customers are opting for these new generation electric trucks over traditional combustion engined machines, but Electrosteel have taken the biggest leap yet by changing all eight of their smaller diesel machines over to electric. 


Electrosteel is a world-leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipes, fittings and ancillary products; it was the first company in India to manufacture such items. Now an international company, Electrosteel manufacturing facilities create products with strict adherence to all current international standards including ISO2531, EN545, EN598 and IS:8329. Obviously, meeting all of these standards means that Electrosteel take reliability, durability and safety very seriously.

Electrosteel-HELI-FB30-LoadWith a company wide drive to reduce emissions, Electrosteel had already transitioned their company car fleet over to electric and wanted to do the same for their forklift fleet. Initially, we advised against it, as we did not feel there was an electric truck capable of replacing their diesel machines, but this all changed with the arrival of our first HELI G2 Lithium-ion battery truck.

What sets the HELI G2 apart from most other electric trucks, including most other Lithium battery trucks for that matter, is the fact it derives from an engine truck design; featuring big wheels, proper hydraulic levers and a robust stable chassis. Installed into this chassis is a proven Lithium-ion battery from leading manufacturer CATL and a state of the art control system from ZAPI. This combination results in a battery electric truck that can genuinely replace conventional diesel and LPG trucks operating in a yard environment.

Electrosteel-HELI-FB30-YardWith all the new trucks now installed and operational, Electrosteel are putting them through their paces and proving that the future really is electric!

If you want more information on the new HELI G2 Lithium-ion electric trucks please visit our website here or contact us to arrange a demonstration of this impressive machine.